Shillong teer previous result

NEW DELHI: Amid the fallout from the deadly stampede in the Shillongs village of Soh, which killed nearly 100 people, the BJP and Congress have been holding talks in the last few days, a senior leader of the two major parties told PTI.

Shilpa Srivastava, the general secretary of the Congress and vice-president of the National Conference (NC), told PTII that while the NCP has been negotiating with the BJP over the next few days over the implementation of the Shilpa Tiwari order, the party has been keeping its focus on the Shilo village of Jodhpur.

“The NCP is also discussing the details of implementation of Shilpah Tiwar order and the other matters that the BJP is holding talks on,” she said.

The NCC has been in the midst of a process of setting up a joint committee with the BSP, the ruling alliance, to ensure that the government takes up the orders of the Tiwaris.

The BSP has been demanding that the order should be implemented immediately.

“There is a clear demand by the BSF, the police and the local administration that the Tirosh order be implemented quickly.

We will not allow a situation where people are being killed by the police or the state government,” she added.

The party has also met the BJP in Kolkata on Saturday to discuss the matter, but has not been able to come to a consensus.

“We have not come to an agreement yet, but we are ready to talk to them,” she claimed.