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As of Tuesday, April 20, 2017, it looks like the results house of the 2016 presidential election has been compromised, according to the Associated Press.

This means that it will take another 48 hours to clear the results.

This is not a huge surprise, as we have seen this happen before.

Last November, the results were hacked and published in the Guardian.

The Guardian was hacked in March, 2016, by a group calling itself the ‘Deep State’ and published a document that purported to be a report from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The document, however, contained the name and the password for the CIA.

The AP was able to obtain the password, and the CIA subsequently released the documents to the media.

It has since been revealed that the CIA hacked the Guardian because they had a link to the documents and the leak was embarrassing to the agency.

This time, it seems that the Deep State is in control of the results, and it seems the Deep States top brass have no qualms about the breach.

It appears that the DNC has already released the results as it has not been encrypted.

This makes sense because the DNC is the most powerful organization in the United States and the DNC can easily release the results of the election to the public, including voting results.

The DNC did this to ensure that the 2016 election could be stolen from them, according a CNN report.

This also seems to be the case for the RNC, which is controlled by the DeepState and is also vulnerable.

The RNC had their own hack, in which they hacked the email accounts of more than 2 million RNC members and their party leadership.

This could have allowed them to release the emails.

As we noted in the previous article, the DeepStates hack appears to have already been released to the press.

The result is that all of the candidates for President have been leaked, and we have not heard a peep from the President about this.

This was revealed by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In the aftermath of the DNC hack, Wikileaks released the entire Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails and other internal documents.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, said in a statement that the emails would show how the Democratic Party “was rigged from the beginning.”

This means they would also show how Democrats rigged the election and then stole it.

This leak has already caused the DNC to lose its presidential primary, but the DNC and the Deep state still control the election results.

There is also the issue of the Trump campaign.

According to WikiLeaks, Trump himself is part of this, as well as Donald Trump Jr. and Corey Lewandowski.

Wikileaks released some of the emails, and they showed the Trump Campaign was not even following their own rules.

WikiLeaks revealed that in the summer of 2016, they were told to delete the data from Trump’s personal server because the information was too incriminating.

The email also shows the campaign was in a panic over the fact that they could not get the RNC to take the necessary action.

WikiLeaks also said that this was because Trump was worried that the Russian Government was going to steal the emails and that Trump was using them as a distraction from his own problems.

Wikileaks also revealed that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, also did not follow the rules, even though he was the campaign’s official liaison with the RNC.

This led to him being fired from the campaign.

WikiLeaks then released the DNC emails and the RNC emails.

It seems that Trump himself has no qualm about the leak, as he tweeted out that the documents were real and the Russians were trying to steal them.

Wikileaks has also leaked emails from other prominent Trump surrogates.

For example, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who was fired in August, is now claiming that the leaks are part of a conspiracy to sabotage Trump.

In fact, he said in an interview with Fox News that the leak of the RNC documents is part, at least in part, of a Russian disinformation campaign.

This seems to confirm the earlier statements of former President Mike Pence.

It also seems that WikiLeaks has already leaked information from the Clinton campaign, and this is the reason why the DNC will be losing its presidential nomination.

The Clinton campaign is a shadow campaign of the DeepStains who are trying to keep Trump from winning the election.

The Democrats have been in the position of needing to win the election because they cannot win without the Trump support, according the AP.

In other words, the DNC would not be able to hold on to the nomination if it loses the election, but they would be able hold on if the Trump supporters lose the election as well.

The DeepStain campaign has been attacking the Trump candidacy, and Trump has responded by making the Trump administration look bad.

Trump has said that he believes that Russia hacked into the DNC.

He has also called on the US government to investigate the DNC for possibly being part of the Russian operation to sabotage the 2016 US election.

This suggests that Trump has not given