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Dubai’s Dubai Nightclub is a nightmare for locals and tourists alike, with reports of a lack of security and poor service as the city continues to be plagued by protests over its role in hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In an interview with Business Insider on Thursday, one of the owners of the nightclub, Ibrahim Mohammed, revealed that it was in fact a nightmare: “The security is terrible.

There are no police there and the security guards do not want to come to the premises,” he told Business Insider.

The bouncers are not even supposed to be there, he said.

“I had two security guards who came with us from Dubai.

We went to a nightclub with a security guard who was very angry with us and said, ‘You are not coming back.’

He told me that he would get them fired from their jobs.”

The owner said the security situation in the venue was “totally different” from Dubai Nightlife, the other nightlife in Dubai.

Ibrahim, who said he was unable to comment on individual customers’ complaints, told Business Insiders that the security was not a problem because the venues security has not been breached, despite a recent incident involving the security of the Grand Mosque.

He said: “I’m not saying they are not a security risk, but we have a much higher level of security than Dubai Night, which is a problem.”

“We have a lot of CCTV cameras around the venue, so we can easily monitor the crowds that come through.”

Security guards do come, but they are never on duty and there is no CCTV at all.

“Dubai Nightclub in Dubai is not the only club in the city with a problem.

According to a report by The Associated Press, a Dubai taxi driver who took a taxi to the club last week had to be detained by security after being filmed saying that the club “would not allow us to go in.”

Police said he did not have a valid taxi pass and was issued a ticket.

Dubay’s Dubai Bar, a nightclub in the same area of the city, is also reportedly being targeted by protesters, with a petition on the Dubai Police’s Facebook page calling on the authorities to shut it down.

Earlier this month, protesters stormed the venue of a club in Dubai after they said they would “no longer be welcomed” in the area, according to the AP.

Many of the protesters are members of a new social media group called #DubaiUnite, which has raised concerns about the nightclub.

We’re not asking to be a nuisance, we’re asking to stay in the club and not let anyone in.””

Security has always been a problem for us,” he said, “but there is a big difference between a club and a nightclub.”

We’re not asking to be a nuisance, we’re asking to stay in the club and not let anyone in.