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Tequila is in the headlines again after a tequilas supply shortage at one of India’s biggest hotels.

Tequila company Tequila Brands Ltd, which makes tequila for the upscale luxury hotel chain Jardin del Rey, reported the shortage on Monday.

The Tequila Marketing Association of India said in a statement that Tequila had “not been able to meet demand in recent days.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tequilos are widely consumed in India and across the globe, especially among older people and those with chronic health problems.

A shortage has been plaguing hotels around the world, with some resorts struggling to keep their tequila supplies up to capacity.

The shortage was the biggest since a shortage hit Jardins Hotel and Spa in February 2018, causing it to close for about a month and forcing its owners to sell off its entire inventory of tequila.