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BODOLAND teer Result 2020: The Government has decided to ban land acquisition in all the districts in the state by 2020.

In the wake of a nationwide ban on land acquisition, the Land Acquisition and Re-Lifecycle (Land R & L) Bill, 2016 was passed in the Lok Sabha in the presence of Opposition and Opposition members.

The bill seeks to prohibit acquisition of land for private use.

The bill states that acquisition of any property or rights in respect of land by any person is prohibited except where a lease of such property or right is given to a party for the benefit of the community.

The bill has been passed in Lok Sabha on Tuesday night and it is likely to be passed into law soon.

In the wake to the nationwide ban, the Government has also decided to create an independent body to examine the effect of the ban.

The independent body will also monitor the implementation of the Bill.

The Government will then issue a final notification to the Supreme Court and the government will have two years to come up with a response to the public.

A land acquisition is defined as a transfer of land to a third party, whether private or public, where the property is for the purpose of use or not.

The government has set aside Rs.2.35 crore for the review of the impact of the Land Act on land acquisitions in the State.

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