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A new poll conducted by ARUP has found that the most popular state in India is Assam.

This is surprising, given the state has been one of the most adversely affected by climate change, and is one of India’s poorest.

The results of the survey showed that Assam leads the way, with 28.1% of voters indicating that they are strongly in favour of a carbon tax.

The poll showed that the poll had a margin of error of 2.2%, so the results are definitely not an outlier. 

The poll also revealed that the state of Assam is one among the states in the country that is most climate-friendly.

The state has a climate plan that aims to increase carbon emission and cut pollution by 2020.

This plan has been endorsed by the state government, and was endorsed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a speech on the same day.

The survey revealed that a majority of Assamese voters (65%) believe that the environment is an important issue in the election. 

 The state has also made efforts to create jobs and build infrastructure, and has set a goal to reduce emissions of CO2 by 30% by 2020 and increase energy efficiency. 

Assam has also recently taken steps to increase public awareness of climate change and has introduced a new set of carbon-neutral standards, and announced that all electricity generation in the state will be carbon neutral by 2020, with no coal or gas in the electricity mix. 

“As the Indian economy is facing many challenges, we should strive to ensure that Assameses are aware of these issues, and that our society can be built on a sustainable energy system,” said Kishore Gopal, CEO, ARUP India.

“In the coming months, we will be doing more studies on these issues and will be asking questions to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure our society is resilient to climate change.” 

The findings also show that the majority of the state’s population are in favour, with 57.3% of Assams voters agreeing that climate change is a major issue, and 60.5% of the respondents agreeing that it is a “serious issue”. 

The report also reveals that the survey results are very similar to what has been reported by other pollsters. 

One of the pollsters who has conducted these polls, Public Policy Research, said that the results of their survey are consistent with other poll reports and that the data is consistent with what they have observed in India. 

This is not the first time that the Indian pollsters have reported that Assams has the second most climate friendly state, following the state which has the third highest number of climate-conscious people. 

In 2013, PPR released a survey that showed that Assamese people are very keen on a carbon-negative economy. 

A report from the pollster found that 55.4% of people in Assam were in favour of a carbon neutral economy.

The report also found that 46.6% of respondents are in support of the carbon-free transportation industry, 34.5 percent support the development of renewable energy, and 33.5 percent are in favor of building a green economy in Assams. 

According to PPR, the poll also shows that the climate is one area where Assameshas made a lot of progress over the past two years. 

Since 2015, Assamshas increased its emissions from coal-fired power plants by a whopping 26% and reduced its emissions by 26.5%.

This has led to a significant drop in carbon dioxide emissions from the country.