Shillong teer previous result

Two days after the end of the T20 International Championship in Mumbai, India is set to win the series 2-1.

The match was played on Sunday in the state of Assam and the winner takes the trophy.

The hosts have already clinched the title.

They have lost the first match of the series 1-0 in the third game but have yet to concede a point in the second game.

India are yet to score a run in their last four matches.

The final match will be played on Monday and will determine who will win the T10 title. 

India beat Pakistan in their first game at the venue, scoring a staggering 191 runs, the most in the competition.

The hosts have now scored more runs in a T20 match than any other team in the world.

India also has the highest score in the series.

Their total runs in the match stood at 464, while Pakistan’s total runs were 526.

Pakistan have scored more than 1000 runs in six matches. 

There was also an unusual match-fixing incident involving one of the players in the squad. 

“The game in the first game was played under the radar.

But this match was seen by the whole world,” said a senior official from the Indian cricket board. 

This was reported in the Indian media on Monday, but the issue has not been officially confirmed by the authorities. 

The Indian cricket team is still waiting for the results of the anti-corruption probe. 

In the T17 series, the hosts lost by a score of 0-4.

India have also lost by more than 20 runs in T15 series. 

Pakistan were the only team to win at the Mumbai Stadium in their inaugural T20I tournament.

They scored more in the final, with a total of 864 runs, than India had.