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Teer, also known as the Indian Handball, is a sport of handball.

A player takes a ball from the centre of the court, throws it at a mark on the court and then passes the ball to the other team, who must defend the mark with their hands.

The goal of the game is to catch the opponent’s ball, score and get a point.

This is where the Teest challenge comes into play.

Teer Challenge: Every player has two hands.

You must grab the opponent mark and pass it to the opponent.

The mark is a circle that has three dots on it.

The team that catches the opponent marker’s ball first wins the match.

The other team then has to defend their mark and score the points.

Teer is a game where the goal is to score a goal and to win.

The game is played in two parts.

Each player has their own mark, and must catch the other players marker to score the point.

After the player that catches their opponent’s mark scores, they win the match, the game ends.

If the mark is not caught, the player is declared to be a loser.

What are the rules?

Tees and balls are held in different positions.

At the beginning of the match a mark is made on the field.

Then the ball is thrown at the mark, the mark bounces back, the ball hits the mark and the mark starts to bounce again.

When the ball touches the mark a mark comes out and the ball can be used to score.

Once the mark has been scored the ball becomes part of the opponent team’s ball.

A mark can be destroyed by a single hit or by a double hit.

An opponent can score points by throwing a single mark or by throwing two marks at the same time.

Both sides have a score, and it depends on the score of the first and second hits.

The score is then added up and the player who scored the most points wins the game.

There are also penalties that can be applied.

For example, if a player throws a mark at an opponent, the opponent can choose to defend with their own marks or score points against them.

How do I win the Tees Challenge?

There is a single Tees challenge and every player has a mark.

During the first part of a match, there is a timer.

During the second part of it, the timer stops.

For the first 10 minutes of a game, the score is calculated.

Players have to score at least three points to win the game and the team that scores the most will win.

After the 10 minutes, the next player can throw the ball.

If the first player catches the ball, he wins.

If they do not catch the ball and score three points, the second player wins.

Another important part of Tees is the score-keeping.

During a match a team must score five points from their own players mark, or three points from the opponent marks, or two points from both marks, whichever is higher.

While a score is being calculated, a player has to make a decision about which mark to catch, and when to throw the mark.

The player is called the Tereser.

The Teresier is responsible for the safety of the mark being used, the protection of the ball that has been thrown and the scoring of points.

The most important aspect of the Teers challenge is the scoring.

If a team is able to score six points or more, the match is won.

If there is no point scoring, the players are out of the contest.