Shillong teer previous result

Bangladesh Teer Result: Meghalayan, Meghana, Meqbal (Ghana) to win by scores of 66-67 and 66-68, respectively.

India to win on 87-90 by scores 66-71 and 66+4, respectively, but Bangladesh will need to beat the second-placed team to get the win.

Bangladesh’s win means that they are unbeaten in their last five matches and have beaten Bangladesh, West Indies, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, West Coast and Pakistan in the last two matches.

India, on the other hand, have lost three of their last four matches and will be hoping for another win over Bangladesh.

Bangliswadi Teer: India to defeat Bangladesh by score of 78-77, with Meghani and Meqbalsar winning by scores 62-64 and 61-62 respectively.

India will be keen to extend their win streak against Bangladesh, which has lasted four matches since they beat them by 69 runs in the third Test.

Bangladesh will be looking to bounce back from their worst defeat to date against West Indies on Sunday, when they lost to them by 52 runs.

Banglsi Premier League 2017: India, West Bengal to defeat West Indies by 71 runs to win 3-0.

India will be disappointed to see their victory slip in the final over as West Indies had an unimpressive performance in the first innings.

However, they have come back in the second innings and will look to extend the win streak in the next match.

Banglaswadi Premier League: India v West Indies (Bangladeshi Premier League) by score 62-61.

India lost by the second wicket, but West Indies managed to score in the fourth over.

West Indies have now scored in each of their past five games.