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Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Kardashian family is now the most-watched TV show of all time.

In the past, the show was often criticized for being too “white” and “masculine” and lacking diversity.

The show now also boasts an average rating of more than 3.2 million viewers per episode.

According to data from Nielsen, the Kardashias have more viewers than the next most-popular shows, The Bachelor and Modern Family.

The most-recent episode of the show aired on February 20, which is the anniversary of the premiere of The Bachelor, and the show’s ratings have been growing at an incredible rate.

The Kardashians now account for more than a quarter of all the viewership of all TV shows.

The last time the show saw such a surge in viewership was back in November 2017.

The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the most watched show of the season and was the best of the entire season.

The reality series The Real World: Los Angeles also drew a ratings spike, as did last week’s episode of Modern Family which aired on March 7.

With the rise in popularity of the Kardashian family, it is expected that their show will continue to gain viewership and eventually become the most popular show on television.