Shillong teer previous result

KASHMIR – This time last year, Assam had a Congress-led government.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was in power for only a few months and was unable to achieve anything beyond promising a “peaceful transition” from the BJP government.

But the party had managed to attract support from some of the key segments of the electorate, who voted in large numbers for the Congress.

The Congress lost two of its four seats in the assembly elections and won only one.

The result of the assembly polls is yet to be declared, but a majority of seats were won by the BJP.

The seat of the seat-sharing Congress government, Khalsa Nagar, which had been contested by the Congress for the last two decades, won only a single seat in the latest elections.

The ruling Congress Party, however, is set to come to power for the first time since 1991 with the support of some of its most loyal constituencies.

The majority of the seats won by it were in the region of Khalsa, home to a large population of Muslims.

In Khalsa’s Khasi Nagar constituency, the Congress won 12.2 per cent of the votes, while the BJP got 10.9 per cent.

The BJP also won five seats in Khalsa.

In a poll conducted in May, a majority (55 per cent) of Assamese people favoured the Congress-BJP government.

A majority of those who voted for the BJP in Khali Nagar and Khalsa were Muslims, while those who opted for the Bharatiyan Janata party (BJD) got 27.7 per cent and 12.7 percent respectively.

The BJP’s chief minister, Amarinder Singh, said he would focus on the economic problems facing the people of the state.

“This is a national issue, a regional issue and a political issue.

We will focus on our economic problems in Assameses,” he said.

“Our priority will be to ensure that our people are well-off, have a job, have the best job in the country and that they do not become economically insecure,” Singh said.

However, in a statement, the BJP claimed that the vote count showed that there was no consensus in the community and that the votes for the BJD were fraudulent.

“These are false allegations of rigging and corruption, the party has denied them,” said BJP state president Suresh Jha.

In an election year, the vote is crucial to determining who gets a seat in parliament.

If the BJP wins all three seats, the government would then be able to form a government.

In the Assembly elections, the ruling party won only nine seats, and in the state assembly polls, the Bharathi-Brahmin Congress Party (BCCP) got four seats.

In May, the BCP lost a significant number of seats.