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India’s top newspaper today reported that the Indian government has declared that the riots in the southern Indian state of Kerala, which have left at least 40 people dead, have ended.

The Times of India reported that police have identified and arrested all the rioters and their accomplices, and that they will face charges of murder, rape and rioting.

The government has also declared a curfew.

But the riots have continued.

The violence in the state has left many people homeless.

As of Thursday, there are at least 41 people dead in the town of Ramdheni, where the riots took place, according to a local government official.

In the latest incident, a crowd of around 100 people attacked a private bus, ransacked a building, and set fire to it, according the Indian Express.

The paper reported that five of the attackers were arrested in the incident, including a local lawmaker who was reportedly injured in the attack.

The attack came on the heels of a protest on Thursday night, in which about 500 people were arrested and held for over two hours.

On Friday, the state government has issued an emergency curfew, but some residents remain out of their homes, according TOI.