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Teer outcomes are often the most striking element of elections, but teer results can be a more revealing one.

The result of an election in a particular state often does not tell us much about how the state voted or what candidates might have run better in the other state.

Here are three teer-based predictions for the 2016 presidential race.


Democrats would win the House and Senate: Democrats have a long history of holding Senate seats and holding the House in midterm elections, and the midterm election this year would be no different.

The Democrats’ House majority would give them control of both houses, which would be very useful for a number of reasons.

They could use it to push through the massive infrastructure projects that they have proposed in recent years, such as the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as the tax cuts they have been pushing through Congress.

They would also use the House majority to push back against President Donald Trump, who would be facing an uphill battle to maintain his hold on power.

It is a good sign that the Democrats have an opportunity to retake the House from Republicans.


Republicans will lose the Senate: Republicans have the most seats in the House, and they will be facing a daunting task in re-taking control of the Senate.

Democrats are going to need to win a lot of seats in swing states like Arizona and Georgia to win control of Congress, and that means the Republicans will have a lot to work with to gain back the Senate and take control of it.

The president is likely to lose the White House in the midterm, and Democrats have little to gain from a Republican loss.


Republicans are going for it: Democrats are likely to win back control of their house and have the upper hand in the Senate because of their ability to win the Senate majority.

Republicans have not shown much interest in passing any major legislation, but they have tried to take advantage of their advantages by passing an array of health care legislation, including the Affordable Care Act, which has helped millions of people get insurance.

The Senate could also be important to the Democrats because they hold the majority in the chamber, and Republicans have no chance of winning a majority there.

But if the Democrats win the White Senate, the Senate could become a bit more important to them.

That is because they have more control over the Whitehouse.

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Democrats have already won more House seats than Republicans in several of the mid-terms.

Republicans currently hold a 5-to 1 edge in Senate seats.

If the midterm elections do not go the Democrats’ way, the midterm Senate elections are likely.