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In the men’s final, England have the lead, with Australia having just won their opening match, and Brazil have won their second.

The World Cup is now officially over for the second time in three years, but there is still much to be played in the final.

Here’s our round-up of the most important storylines in the Women, men and world of football.


England’s opening win against Australia could mean victory for the hosts England have had to win three out of the last four games against hosts Australia, but they will be hoping to keep their lead against the defending champions.

The hosts were a world away from beating Brazil, but the World Cup winner has found the form to do so, scoring four times in their last four matches.

The first was against Germany in a friendly in November, with a goal in the second-half putting the hosts ahead.

The second was in a 1-1 draw in the first-ever FIFA World Cup qualifier in Australia, where England secured a 1.6-1 aggregate win.

It was a game where England were almost always on the front foot, but a superb save by Julie Johnston saved the day in the 66th minute to keep England in contention.


It will be a tough test for the World Cups second-stringers England are in a difficult position.

The two-time champions have a full squad and a number of top performers, but also a number who are still to be considered in the team.

So how much can they realistically expect to win in their opening game against the hosts?

In the past, there have been several players who have looked comfortable in the England squad, but have struggled to match their performances in World Cups qualifying.

The most notable example of this was Luka Modric, who was a substitute in their opener, but was replaced for the final game of the season.

Modric is one of several players that has been unable to live up to the hype surrounding him, but his recent performances in Brazil have made him one of the best in the world.

He has scored six goals in three games, and has already scored three goals in six matches for Italy in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.


England can be confident of victory against Brazil The final is going to be a highly-anticipated game.

Brazil are the best team in the tournament, but England have to be confident that they will have a good game, and take the win.

England have lost the first two games of the tournament with a draw in Group D, and have lost both games of their last five with a loss.

It is clear that the World Football League has been struggling for results at the moment, and a win against the reigning champions will give them confidence to start the final against a stronger side.


Brazil have been playing at a high level for months The two teams have never met in the World Championships before, and the first meeting in 2019 between the two was a 5-1 loss.

Brazil has won all four of their matches so far in the group stages.

They have won six of their past seven games in Brazil, and are unbeaten in their previous three games.

They will be looking to build on their solid form in qualifying.


England will need to be at their best against Brazil It is impossible to imagine Brazil beating England at home, especially in front of a sell-out crowd.

Brazil is a different side to Brazilians, who are known for their intensity.

It has been difficult to beat the Brazilians at home over the past two World Cups, but it will be crucial for England to be able to play to their strengths.

The last time Brazil won the World Championship was in 2012, and that was when England beat Brazil 5-0.

They need to keep winning away from home to have any chance of going deep into Brazil’s side.


There will be no England team that is unbalanced Brazil’s midfield is one that is often seen as the weakest part of the team, and England will be very keen to get into a position where they have the best possible chance of winning.

The team that has the best chance of scoring will be the one that gets the most shots on goal, so England will have to work very hard to find their game and keep it clean.


Brazil will be keen to dominate Brazil will have played in all of their World Cup qualifiers, and it will come as no surprise that Brazil are looking to create a lot of problems for England.

Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is renowned for his attacking style and the Brazilian national team have scored the most goals in World Cup qualifying.

Scolarei has played in seven World Cup finals, winning the trophy four times.

They also have an outstanding record in Brazil.


England and Brazil could be dangerous to each other England’s opponents will