Shillong teer previous result

Teer results tonight for Jaintias second win in three matches.

The loss of the game was not too significant but Jaintians 2-1 victory in the final match in the semi-final was very surprising as Jainti’s side had started to dominate the first half of the match.

Manipuru scored the opening goal in the second half and then led the charge to score a second goal in extra time, the scoreline of which was 0-1 in favour of Jaintijas side.

Jaintiya was on the right track to win the game but the scorelines in the first and second halves showed Jaintian’s players are very good on the counter attack.

Jaintis attacking tactics proved very successful as the team scored eight goals in the game.

Jaitipur won the match 3-0, the only win of Jaitiyas three matches in this series.