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BMA President David Biggs says a new policy is coming to protect people from exposure to electronic cigarettes and to regulate the use of e-cigarette vaporisers.

He says the rule will apply to electronic cigarette use in shops and other places where cigarettes are sold.

In a statement on Wednesday, the BMA said the ban would apply to all electronic cigarettes.

Mr Biggs said the rule would apply “to any electronic cigarette product sold in retail shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, cinematics, cinemagoes, and all places where tobacco is sold or offered.”

“It will apply regardless of whether or not the product is in a smoking room, or in a public place,” he said.

“The BMA will be ensuring that electronic cigarette products do not pose any health risk.”

Electronic cigarettes have been marketed as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

They have become popular with people looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.

Electronic cigarette users have been vocal about their concerns about the potential for e-cig vapour to cause health problems.

The new rules will also include rules on “public places where electronic cigarettes are used”, and will also require retailers and manufacturers to “adopt a new advertising and marketing policy” that will “make it clear that these products do, in fact, contain nicotine”.

Mr Bigg said the rules would also require “all retail shops and restaurants to place electronic cigarette packaging and other electronic cigarette advertising in a conspicuous and accessible place within a retail store or restaurant”.

The BSA said it will also be investigating whether the new rules could result in a “crisis” situation.

The announcement came after the BPA, which represents the tobacco industry, sent a letter to the BAA, the national tobacco control body, on Thursday urging the government to adopt new rules on electronic cigarette sales and packaging.

A spokesman for the BPI, which is representing the tobacco sector, said the BDA’s move is “an attempt to appease tobacco lobbyists and make them happy with the Government’s position on electronic nicotine products”.

“These new rules would not prevent electronic cigarette users from smoking tobacco products,” the spokesman said.

“It’s not that they are better, but that they do not cause a crisis for them.

They do not lead to people smoking more tobacco products.

And they do no harm to anyone.”