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I was a teenager when I first came across Shillng Teer, a man who had worked as a contractor for the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Shillang Teer was a real-life version of a politician, a real estate tycoon and a true-blue liberal.

And now he’s become an iconic figure.

In 2017, Shillung Teer and his family sold their house to fund their bid for a seat in the Legislative Council (LCC).

His father, a former police officer, was a key part of the pro-democracy movement that took place across the country.

Shillong’s father’s legacy lives on in the Teer family’s business.

He owns a local restaurant and has donated money to various local charities.

His son is a well-known actor, known for his roles in films such as ‘Panda’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as well as in TV series such as “Dance with the Star”.

But his greatest legacy was his love for the country and the people of Shillongs teer, and the way in which he would work tirelessly to improve his community.

The Shillings teer business On February 18, Shumwon Teer’s daughter, Tawil, and her husband had dinner at a popular restaurant in Shillons teer called ‘Shillons’ on the outskirts of Shilong.

The Teers were seated at a table that overlooked the restaurant, and Tawill told me she was going to try and make a statement with the restaurant.

She told me that the restaurant would be open till 6pm, and they would open the front door at 6:30am and then stay till 7pm.

“If you don’t want to go, there’s nothing to do,” she said.

I asked her to tell me what happened.

She said, “My father came and said we can’t do this because we can no longer afford to do it.

We can’t open till six.”

I asked what they had to do.

Tawile said, ‘We don’t have anything to eat.

The children have come.

They’ve gone shopping.

They want to take a nap.’

“The children don’t even go to school,” Tawili continued.

Tawile and her son Tawila Teer took me to a nearby street and sat on a bench while we waited for the restaurant to open.

Taws mother was there.

She told me about the children’s ordeal.

“They come here and they say, ‘I don’t need food,'” she said, adding that her children had been taking food out of the fridge and putting it in their mouths, and were unable to eat the rest of the food they were given.

We saw her husband and Taws eldest daughter Tawiling, who was eating her lunch, but also the three younger children who were also eating their lunch.

When the restaurant opened, Taws youngest son Taws first reaction was to leave and go to his mother and father’s house.

Tawi said, I went to my mother’s house and there was my mother, but she was in tears.

She started crying.

Tawnild was there and he said, My momma, my dad is here.

TAWIL and her children were so distraught that they started screaming.

TOWIL, a woman who used to work as a housekeeper, said that Tawils family was forced to flee their home.

As the children were left alone, Tawnile and Tawnila began crying, and their mother Tawilling started crying too.

On the way to the Teers house, they stopped at the street corner and the children started crying again.

Suddenly, TAWILA said, We are scared, Tows mother.

TEWIL asked, What is happening?

She was holding her daughter.

TWAIL said, Mom, what is happening to my baby.

TWELLING’S FAMILY IN SHILLON I spent most of the day at Tawilies home.

I went there for the first time in February.

After I arrived, I spoke to Tawilia, and she told me how the Teering family was in a panic and how they were scared to leave.

She also told me a story of how her mother used to sit next to Tawnil and TAWILL, but now they were talking.

Tiwill told us how her family had to sell their house for the money to fund the campaign to get a seat.

They were scared because they couldn’t afford the campaign.

They had to take the children out of school, and all of their savings were put into the campaign, she said as Tawniles face was covered in blood.

My daughter, who is 15, and I were sitting there and she started crying, because