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Teer is up in the air as India’s first digital currency is finally rolling out to the country’s first 100 million citizens.

The country’s National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on Tuesday posted the final confirmation that the Teer token, a cryptocurrency based on the Goa blockchain, is ready to go.

According to the news report, the NPCI said that it has received more than 60,000 teer tokens from more than 3,000 participants, which are now being distributed to the 500 million citizens of Goa, the second largest Indian state.

As part of the announcement, the NPCI also said that the first token sale will take place in Goa on May 20, 2020, with the first batch of 100,000 tokens to be sold on the 21st.

If the token sale proceeds meet the initial goal of $1.1 billion, the company will also be able to expand the token distribution.

Teer tokens have become an increasingly popular digital currency because they do not have any central authority to regulate or control them.

There are currently about 100 million Teer tokens in circulation in the cryptocurrency world, which represent about 5% of all existing cryptocurrency tokens in existence.

“The token sale was initiated as a milestone in the journey of the first-ever digital currency token to be introduced in India,” the NPCB said in a statement on Wednesday.

With the Teers digital currency, the Indian government can use the technology to pay its bills, pay for goods and services, and transact in other digital currencies.

To make Teer even more appealing to users, the token is also designed to be compatible with existing digital wallets.

Users can also spend the tokens on online services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

The tokens can also be used for digital payments for goods, services, or goods and goods in exchange for other digital tokens, including Bitcoin.

At present, the Goan state has about 7 million people and has a population of roughly 1.3 billion.

In June of this year, the first Teer coin was launched in the country.

While the first tokens are still in production and are currently being distributed, the project is not scheduled to start trading until April 2020.

Ahead of the Tepper launch, the government announced that Teer will be the first digital asset to be approved for the India-based government-backed digital currency called the Indian Digital Currency (IDC) token.

Teeing up on Teer could make it easier for Indian residents to spend their hard earned money on goods and online services, while also giving the government the opportunity to build a digital economy with a much lower cost of living.

Earlier this year the Indian parliament approved an amendment to the National Income Tax Act to allow foreign residents to use their Indian identity to earn income tax deductions on earnings earned in India.