Shillong teer previous result

A day after the latest results were announced, the BBC’s live sports coverage on ITV and BBC One was still showing results.

However, the network has said it will stop showing results on its live sports channels until further notice. 

Dubai is also showing the results of its opening two games in the UAE against Bahrain and UAE and against Qatar. 

However, BBC Sport, which is owned by the BBC and runs the world’s biggest football coverage, will not be covering the Dubai and Teer games in their coverage of the UAE and Qatar opening games on Monday. 

“The BBC Sport coverage of Dubai and Qatar has been suspended until further order as a result of the new round of Fifa World Cup qualifying,” a BBC spokesperson said in a statement.”BBC Sport has been advised of the change and will be covering these two games live on its online platforms, on air, in-studio and on screen from Monday.” 

The BBC and ITV said the suspension was the result of a technical error. 

In the UK, the results are not shown on BBC Sport and the BBC Sport app, which was also suspended by BBC Sport. 

The broadcaster is also still showing the Emirates-Qatar match on its Sky Sports channel and in its BBC Sport channel on Tuesday night. 

Earlier, BBC World Sport presenter Gary Lineker tweeted that the BBC had “broken a big rule”, and that the broadcaster was suspending live results from its online channels. 

This is a breaking news story and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

BBC World Service live coverage of events from the Dubai World Cup will be suspended until more information becomes available. 

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Dubai’s 2022 World Cup opening match against Qatar was stopped in the wake of the Qatar 2022 football crisis, which saw the 2022 tournament host a World Cup game against Australia instead.