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Recode’s chief technology officer, Andrew J. O’Donnell, has put Twitter’s troubles in context, saying the social network is now “the most profitable and valuable company in the world.”

O’Connor, speaking during an event in New York, explained that the company has made a few important improvements over the last two years.

Twitter was once one of the most hated companies in the U.S., with customers constantly questioning whether the company was trustworthy.

Now, he said, it is a “world-class tech company” that is a leader in the field of social networking and digital video.

He pointed out that Twitter has made some major changes to improve its customer experience, including allowing users to customize their feeds and increasing the number of personalized notifications.

For example, the company recently rolled out a new Twitter Bot that can respond to Tweets with questions and offers suggestions on what to do next.

O’town also said that Twitter will soon add new features to its product, including a redesigned video-sharing app.

O’sDonnell noted that the social media giant is now a “major player in the digital video space” and that the new features will help its video streaming service, Vine, grow.

He added that the streaming service is a big deal for Twitter, since it helps it “build a strong brand with its video content.”

O’sonnn also said the company is working to build a new video-streaming app that would be more user-friendly.

Twitter is also working on a new version of its photo app that will make it easier for users to use in Instagram Stories.

In addition, the service is working on its next major product update, which will be a major overhaul to its photo-editing app.