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The actor’s father and sister are demanding an apology for his death after his death was ruled a suicide.

A court in New York City on Tuesday ruled that David Hirschberg, 49, killed himself with a gunshot to the head on Sunday while visiting relatives in California.

Hirschberg was found unresponsive in his New York apartment, and police found a note saying he had been depressed.

Hartzberg was an actor known for his roles in “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Last Emperor.”

He had a history of mental illness and had a number of troubled pasts, including an arrest in the 1990s for domestic violence and a string of arrests.

His father, Ron Hirschburg, told the court that his son’s death was not a suicide and he was “heartbroken.”

Ron Hirschfeld, a member of the “Hollywood Ten,” spoke in court in his father’s defense, saying his son was depressed, angry and suicidal.

“My son, he was the nicest person,” Ron Hissberg said, according to a transcript.

“He had been through a lot.

I just wish he had taken his life.”

A representative for the actor’s mother, Linda, declined to comment.

Ron Hissburg has been trying to get his son back on track for years.

In 2011, he hired a private investigator to look into Hirschburger’s finances.

The investigation found that Hirschberger had received about $150,000 in payments for personal services, including legal fees, to settle personal disputes.

He also paid more than $60,000 to Hirschberry’s ex-wife and to his former wife’s daughter.

The FBI investigated Hirschberts death and determined it was a suicide by hanging, according the Los Angeles Times.

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