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This is a story about a trip that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made in 2017 to Bhutan, a remote Himalayan mountain range.

For a brief moment in his life, Modi saw the land he calls home and the land that is Bhutan.

He was transported there by a beautiful train that left from a remote station in the Indian state of Assam.

And it was a trip so magical, Modi says, that he has never forgotten it.

“I have to go back, it was like that,” he says.

It was during that trip that Modi first became interested in tea.

“The first time I saw tea in Bhutan was on a train that was passing by,” he tells me.

“At that moment I said to my wife, I’ll go and take tea with you and it happened.”

Modi, who was in his early 20s at the time, has spent a good part of his life trying to make the world a better place.

And he was determined to help his country become the most successful and prosperous in the world.

“As a young boy, I went to the Himalayan region and I saw a village that was completely isolated and completely dark,” he explains.

“And I said, ‘Well, I want to make sure that’s the case.'”

But Modi’s ambitions were met with skepticism, as the area was mostly mountainous, dry, and difficult to access.

In the 1950s, the region had been under British colonial rule.

The British were forced to leave India, and after independence, India was one of the most heavily colonized countries in the history of the world, the United Nations says.

India’s agricultural policy at the same time was a focus of opposition, and there was also a strong desire to separate it from the British Empire.

The area was also the first to be invaded by Pakistan in 1947.

“We had a great leader in Jawaharlal Nehru,” Modi says.

So when I started thinking about this, I said this is the place to go.” “

That was the turning point for me.

So when I started thinking about this, I said this is the place to go.”

Modi went to see a village called Bhutan in Assam and took tea with villagers there.

(Getty Images) His visit to the region, however, was marred by an incident that has haunted him ever since.

During a tea ceremony held in Bhutani, Modi took a tour of the village and was immediately confronted by villagers who had been protesting outside the hotel.

“They were shouting, ‘Who is the prime minister?’

And I said: ‘What about you, the Prime Minister?

You have no tea.’

And then I went back to the hotel and the same thing happened again,” he recalls.

“This was a very traumatic experience.

I had been told by my family that if I didn’t go back to Bhuta I would die.”

Modi says the incident also impacted his faith in God.

“It was very stressful.

I lost faith in my life.

And then God sent me to the forest and told me that this is where I am going to be reborn.”

A few months later, he returned to the village where the tea ceremony was held and found a crowd of villagers protesting outside.

Modi had to explain to them that he was not in Bhuta.

“All the people were standing outside, but nobody was willing to listen to me,” he remembers.

“Then the police came and said, we don’t care, we are here to protect you.

I said yes.

But the police told me, ‘We are here because of the Prime Ministers.

But we don,t care.'”

“I was so happy.

I thought, I can be the Prime Minster of this country.

But I did not have faith in this place.

So I decided to go to the area and I was there about six months and the whole time I was saying to myself, I don’t know how to get out of this place.”

Modi’s journey in the Himalayas has also been marred with controversy.

He has been accused of making inappropriate comments and for taking money from foreign donors.

But he maintains he was only doing what he was supposed to do, which was to help people in his country.

“When I left Bhutan, I was in a country that was under the influence of foreign money.

And I didn,t know who is paying for the tea ceremonies and the coffee.

I was going to find out who it is,” he adds.

“In my heart I said I will tell the truth and then the truth will come out.

I did it because I was told that the people are going to make tea for the people of this land, that’s what I thought.”

India’s Supreme Court recently ordered a probe into Modi’s allegations of corruption.

(AP) Modi says he has