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Advance teers, advance touts, and advance numbers are coming to Facebook for the first time this week, and this time it’s for the UK, where the social media giant is showing off what its called the “First UK Advert”.

Facebook will be showcasing what’s being called a “First Advert” on Thursday, with the social network giving away a free iPhone 5s and a Samsung Galaxy S5 for the top 3,000 Facebook users.

The giveaway will run until January 8 at 10:00 GMT and will start on Facebook’s page on Friday at 10.30am GMT.

It will run through January 18, with Facebook’s Facebook Promotions team saying that they will be handing out an iPhone 5 for the “Top 3,100 Facebook users” on the date.

Facebook’s official page has not yet shared details of the promotion, but the social networking giant has confirmed that the promotion will take place on Thursday and will be running for up to three days. 

Facebook has not revealed a specific time frame for when the promotion kicks off, but has said that “promotions will be limited to the UK”.

Facebook’s official Promotions page says that it is “coming to a close”, so the promotion should be available to UK users on January 8.

The First UK Adject will give people a chance to win £20 from Facebook, with anyone who reaches the £20 threshold will receive a free Samsung Galaxy 5s.

The promo will run from Monday to Friday, with those who reach the £200 mark will receive an iPhone 6.

A Facebook spokesperson said that this was “a great way to spread the word about Facebook’s exciting new adverts and how much fun they’re making you spend your time on”.

“Facebook is committed to making sure you have a great experience on our platform and this campaign is just one way to help do just that,” the spokesperson said.

Facebook says that the First UK adverts will be available for use from Friday, January 8, until January 11, with “top 3,200 Facebook users”, who have reached the £10,000 mark, receiving an iPhone 7.