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New Delhi, India — India and China are making great progress in Indo-Paso Robust trade, as they look to expand trade and investment ties, according to the two nations’ new trade tsars.

In their meeting on Wednesday, the two leaders committed to work towards “the full implementation of the New Delhi-Bhutan Strategic Partnership,” the two presidents said in a joint statement.

They also discussed a range of issues, including the implementation of New Delhi’s National Security Policy, they said.

Ahead of their meeting, President Xi Jinping said India has made great strides in “sustainable development, in the development of strategic cooperation, in connectivity, in mutual understanding, and in mutual respect.”

The two countries have worked hard to expand economic and trade ties, he said, adding that China is committed to “strengthening bilateral cooperation and enhancing strategic partnership.”

In recent years, India and China have begun bilateral trade with a view to “expanding trade and economic relations” in the region.

The two countries signed a number of bilateral agreements in the past five years, including a new high-speed rail link between China and Pakistan.

In recent months, India has also sought to expand the trade of its citizens, especially those who have been held in India for decades.

In November, a Chinese court upheld a case brought by an Indian citizen of Chinese descent, which said his arrest had been unjustified.