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I’ve just had to get a few more of these out for a few of my brothers and sisters who are still trying to get the word out about the Lad’s day of prayer.

It’s a day of celebration for all the Lad brothers and their families.

The Lad’s days are filled with many blessings.

You may have heard it said, “a day without the Lord is like a day without a breeze”.

For the Lad family it is an amazing opportunity to be able to pray and be with others who share the Lad tradition.

They celebrate every day with their families, their friends and their extended family.

In the last few weeks my Lad brothers have been doing many of the same things they did in the past.

Each morning I get up and start with a small prayer and then it gets bigger and bigger until the entire house is singing, laughing and singing along.

When the Lad boys and girls pray in the morning, I’m so proud of the Lad girls.

At the end of the day I have to be thankful that they have a loving Father and a loving Mother and that the Lord has blessed them with the opportunity to pray.

I think that is what makes the Lad day special.

What I love about the day is that every Lad family has a special time.

It’s a time for family, friends and the whole community to come together.

As the Lad community has grown in the last several years, the Lad Day of Prayer has become a part of the life of every Lad.

This is a time when all the people who live and pray in our community come together and share our Lad tradition with others.

There is so much to share.

We need all of you to join in.

Join our Lad day of prayers group.

Here’s how to join: 1.

Go to the Lad site and sign up. 2.

Then email me at [email protected]


Then post your Lad story.


Please include the name of the family or friends you pray for.


Please do not use the names of the person or group you are praying for.


Please leave a comment.


And finally, share your Lad stories and stories of how your Lad family, friend or group have prayed for you.

Don’t forget to share your story by using the hashtag #LadDayOfPrayer.