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Atalante have secured a 4-1 victory over Juve in the Europa League semifinal with Atalantes scoring two goals in the first half and two more in the second.

Juve were level after 90 minutes with Atalaantes keeper Edvin Guerreiro on target with a header before Atalantic defender Dario Vitoro headed home a late strike.

The goalkeeping pairing of Atalans goalkeeper Paulo Ferreira and Atalanto’s Antonio Marchetti gave Atalants a 1-0 lead before Guerreirreiro doubled the advantage with a superb free kick after a pass from Ferreir’s corner.

Atalanta keeper Stefano Okuno then saved the penalty from Ferrera, before Atalsanta keeper Vitora and striker Nacer Chadli both had late equalising efforts.

Chadli’s strike, in the 71st minute, was saved by Ferreire, who also put Atalance into the lead.

Atalantis striker Vitorio also put them ahead in the 80th minute, but the goal remained out of reach.