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England is in for an all-new Super Bowl this year, with the Super Bowl on Sunday, March 6, taking place in the United Kingdom and Canada.

While England’s hosts have yet to be announced, it will be the first time since 2002 that the NFL has hosted the game in London.

England’s host city is set to be revealed later this year.

Here are the key dates for the London game: Sunday, Feb. 6: England vs. Mexico at Wembley Stadium.

England and Mexico play the final match of their 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign, a 1-1 draw on Wednesday, Feb 15, with England winning 3-1.

England has played its first two games in London this season, including a 1:0 victory over Canada on March 1, a 2-0 win over Mexico on March 5 and a 3-2 victory over France on March 9.

Saturday, Feb 14: England versus Argentina at Wembley Arena.

England is currently playing Mexico in the Copa America Centenario and will host the final game of its qualifying campaign on Sunday in Mexico City.

The game will be broadcast live on ITV.

Sunday, Mar. 5: England against Argentina at Etihad Stadium.

The World Cup will conclude in Mexico with England playing host to Argentina in the quarterfinals of the Copas America Centroamericana on Sunday.

England will be hosting the final Copa América Centenario game on Sunday with England defeating Argentina 2-1 in the final on Sunday afternoon.

England opens the competition with a win over Brazil on Thursday, Mar 6, before hosting Colombia and Uruguay.

England finishes its 2018 campaign with a 3:1 win over Uruguay in the first round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

England plays host to Mexico in their first Copa Americas final on Wednesday March 2, 2018, with Argentina beating England 3-0 in the semifinal.

England hosts Mexico again on Sunday March 5, 2018 at Wembley.