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India today teered ahead of Nepal’s official result, as the Nepalesean president said he expected the Nepali government to be declared the winner by noon.

President Ramyana Raghavan told reporters that he expected Nepal to be recognized as the winner of the 2019 general election, and that he will present his final result at a meeting of Nepal-Nepal political leaders.

Raghavan said the results are expected to be announced in about 20 minutes.

Nepaleses official election commission chief said they expect to receive their final results in about three hours, he said.

Earlier, Raghavans cabinet also announced that the Nepal electoral commission had certified the results, which will be delivered to the national election commission on Tuesday evening.

The vote was called by President Ramyanas office for the 2019 elections after the party of the outgoing Congress Party had lost its seat in parliament in the 2014 elections.

Raghvan said the elections were held under the new constitution and there is no need to worry about the new rules as the elections will be held under Nepalesian laws.

Nepali news portal NDTV said the election commission announced today that Nepal’s cabinet would not be able to certify its own results, as they were not registered by the electoral commission.

However, the news portal added that Raghwan’s cabinet was not able to confirm the results as the result of the election was not registered in the electoral office.

The announcement comes after Nepal’s new constitution had been introduced last month and the government had asked the public to vote to determine who would lead the country after the last three presidents have resigned.

Rakhavan said Nepal’s election commission would be able only to certify the results and not the results of any political parties or candidates, NDTV reported.

Nagpur Chief Minister Jagendra Chauhan, who leads the opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA), announced the formation of a panel to prepare a report on the 2019 results, according to NDTV.

Chauhan said the commission will review the results before the results were officially declared.

Narendra Modi, the chief minister of India’s southern state of Bihar, said the Nepalings were a great country with good people and history and he would not accept the result.

He told NDTV that he did not know how to handle it.

The election commission’s decision to postpone the official results will not affect the outcome of the vote, but is not binding, it said.

Rakshasa Singh, the chairman of the National Democratic Party of Nepal, said he was not happy about the postponement and will not vote for Raghuan.

Singh said the NDA was confident about winning Nepal’s 2019 elections, and he will not accept that Rachavan’s cabinet is not able, he told NDtv.