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NEW DELHI: Five people were killed and at least seven injured when a train blew up near the metro station of the capital New Delhi on Tuesday.

A police official said the blast occurred when a passenger tried to board a train from a suburban station in the central city.

He said the person died at the scene.

Officials at the New Delhi Metro said it was not clear whether the incident was connected to the recent deadly blasts in the city and a number of other bombings in the past year.

Police said the explosion occurred at around 2:30 a.m. when a man, who had tried to get onto the Metro from a railway station, was pulled over by a passenger and asked to show his passport.

The man, identified as Arvind Sharma, was rushed to the hospital, where he died on arrival.

The Metro said in a statement that two people had been arrested for the blast and one was being questioned at the police station.

Police later released a picture of Sharma, who was wearing a green T-shirt and blue jeans.

In January, an explosion ripped through a train near the southern city of Hyderabad, killing 14 people.

In March, a train in southern India exploded, killing seven people, injuring more than 100 others and killing a woman.