Shillong teer previous result

India’s Election Commission said Friday that the results from Delhi and the other three states in the north, including the capital, will not be officially declared for days because of high temperatures.

The Election Commission of India said in a statement that due to “severe weather conditions,” results from the Delhi and other three northern states would not be available for a few days.

It said the results will be declared on Friday.

The statement did not say when the final results will come out.

The commission said that there were high temperatures in Delhi and it is currently working to confirm the exact temperatures.

It also said that results from three northern districts, including Mumbai, will be made available in the next few days after the final weather conditions.

The poll results are a disappointment for the prime minister, who has been trying to win over voters in the northeast by highlighting his policies to improve living conditions and improve the livelihood of farmers.

He has said his election victory in the northeastern state of Himachal Pradesh could help India win back voters who had moved away from his Bharatiya Janata Party in the past.