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Posted April 30, 2018 12:53:56A spokesperson for Google said the company has not yet determined which feeds should be considered news feeds in Australia, but said there are currently plans to “enable this option in future”.

The spokesperson said Google News “provides an excellent alternative for people who want to keep up with news from across the world.”

They added that the company “has not yet made a decision about this option.”

Google News users will have to manually add the two feeds in order to switch them.

According to the Google News user guide, “to use Google News, you need to have an account with Google and have a Google News account, including Google News API access”.

Google has been criticised for its coverage of the Indian elections and the recent rise of anti-government protests.

In November, the company was criticised after it appeared to use its News Feed to promote a Facebook Live video of anti -government protesters, including an image of a man in his underwear and a note that read: “It’s the government doing this.”

The video was removed from Facebook, but Google said it had been “intentionally mischaracterised” by “media outlets”.

“As part of our efforts to ensure people are able to get the full coverage of what’s happening across the globe, we’re also introducing an option for people to switch to Google News and view their news stories from their own device or desktop,” a spokesperson said.

“This will give users the ability to switch between the two news feeds to see the full story across all of their devices, regardless of their internet connection.”

This option is currently available for users in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“In addition to India, Google News has been featured in the UK and Australia, as well as China.

Earlier this month, Google launched its new ‘Live’ feature for Google Plus, which allows users to “live stream” their favourite content.

The feature is only available in the US, Canada and Australia at this time, but is expected to roll out across the rest of the world in the next few weeks.

A Google spokesperson told the ABC it would “be in the works” to roll the feature out across all countries.

Google also announced it would be launching a new app in the coming weeks called “Newsstand”, which would let users “share and discover new news and events from across Google”.