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A couple of months ago, we had a lot of people asking if the Indian startup scene was ready for another Indian wave.

We all knew it was about to change, but we didn’t know how fast it would happen.

And what we didn�t know was how many of us there were.

The Indian startup ecosystem is not a perfect fit for everyone.

There is a large segment of the Indian tech ecosystem that is focused on scaling, and there is a massive portion of India�s startup community that is not.

There are some very smart people in India that have been investing and developing startups for a long time, and they�re doing great things.

And then there are the startups that are doing just about everything wrong.

The answer is the former.

While there are some startups in India focused on building a platform for their products, there are also some that are focusing on creating a platform to help them build their own software.

There may be some great ideas out there, but the Indian market is not yet ready for those.

It is still early days.

India has a long way to go to get there.

There�s plenty of space to grow, but there�s not enough time.

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