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Kerala has emerged as a new state with the Kerala Shillans.

Its not just that the state has witnessed a huge shift in politics, but also its people are showing signs of life.

Shillong is now a place where people are working hard and living life, and not just as usual.

As the state moves towards a new era, the new state has seen a surge in the number of young and energetic young people who are coming from Kerala to Shillongs new city.

The Shillang is an Indian state where people want to live their life, do their work, and live with their families.

For many people, the Shillanga is a place of empowerment and a chance to start a new life.

But there is a downside to this new state.

A new generation of politicians is taking over the state.

They are trying to build their image as the next generation of leaders and the next to succeed them.

But Kerala has not lost its identity and identity has not been lost.

It has become more inclusive and has become a place for people to work and live, where they are valued.

That is the story of Kerala Shills future.

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